1,000 pages of anything

On a completely unrelated topic, I saved my five years of weblog posts to my hard drive and did a massive copy and paste into a word processor, in an attempt to self-publish some sort of LYD book.

I have over 1,000 pages and around 300,000 words of material. Seriously. On one hand, it's kinda nice to say that I've written 1,000 pages of anything; on the other, I'm reminded of one of those 60 Minutes segments about the OCD guy who has counted every breath he's breathed since 1987. Hopefully, approximately 950 of those pages are spam comments for online home mortgages and Viagra, but just trimming some of this stuff down into manageable form is going to be a hassle, much less editing any of it into honest-to-god, readable material.

You know what? As far as personal side-projects go, I think I'm in over my head. Next time, I'll take up pilates.