This is the sappy five year post

So, it's been a little over five years since I created my first post on this website. Well, technically the domain wasn't at - it was at a Mindspring account, later bought up by EarthLink. I named the blog "little, yellow, different" after a Nuprin commercial tag line in college. The commercials were in black and white, and the pills fell from the sky in bright, bold yellow. "Little, yellow, different," said the voice over. Kind of like Shindlers list, except replace the girl in the red coat with yellow pills.

Thus completing the most awkward analogy ever. Don't ever expect me to make a Holocaust reference ever again.

What has blogging gotten me?

It's made me into a disgustingly finicky writer. Five years ago, my main blog content consisted of stuff you would now see on my mini-blog. But thoughts flowed easier then, and I now find myself re-reading every sentence, like I was writing a cover letter or a dissertation.

It's given free pass for my father, who I rarely communicate with anymore, a free reign into my personal life. My father ceased most communication with his father when I was young, and it's passed from generation to generation like straight hair and the Asians-can't-drink gene. I imagine him reading about himself as a character in a story, how disappointed he is at his children didn't turn out to be the Asian uber-children that's expected from all Asian parents. I do not know how I feel with this.

It's gotten my friends that I've known from college to cringe in disgust whenever someone says the word "blog."

But obviously, it's not all bad. Hell, it's not even most bad. What had started as a funny way to highlight funny websites or wacky adventures of my friends has evolved into what you see here over the course of five years: interviews at gay magazines where I'd win the award for "heaviest" and "most ethnic," a job at a major Internet company I've always wanted to work at related to blogs, weird C-list celebrity status that isn't really celebrity. I wouldn't have gone to Texas, hell, India, if it weren't for this blog. Most importantly - and I swear to god I'm not trying to be mushy - blogging has given me an opportunity to meet hundreds of wonderful people, virtually or in person, that I would have never gotten to meet otherwise. And to the people that have been written about in this weblog, thank you for making life so valuable and interesting so there could be something to write about.

But, what is this, my eulogy? This sounds like a suicide LiveJournal. I'm not dead yet - carry on, people.

(And let it be known that this blog never found me a boyfriend. I mean, WTF, not even a friggin DATE. Other than that, it's been cool.)